Prejudiced Anti-Online Casino Entertainment Segment Newsweek Shattered

Newsweek also released a report about How Washington opened online poker floodgates, engaging with parents in a bad way. Written by Leah McGrath Goodman, this article primarily consults those involved in anti-online gaming and analyses the reinterpretation of the 1961 federal Wire act by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Goodman’s paper is packed with a number of inaccuracies, starting with an assumption that the Wire Act was “seen as prohibiting all online gambling by the U.S. courts and the criminal division of the DoJ.” But this is misleading because no concrete or general opinion has ever been taken of internet gambling online roulette, despite the Wire Act.

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This is just one of 11 inaccuracies illustrated in a recent article in Online Poker research. According to OPR, the following are other errors that the report makes:

  • The US DoJ destroyed the interpretation of the illegal gambling law (UIGEA).
  • The unfounded notion that the DoJ interpretation “opened the doors to online gambling.”
  • The Wire Act/DoJ views and social casino games have some form of partnership (e.g., Zynga).
  • IGaming sites mistakenly presume that players who have credit cards are old enough to enter online casino play
  • Jason Chaffetz is to help anything, with the partial view of Utah House Rep.
  •  Blurring lines between the Government’s policy on iGaming without legislation.
  • As long as the last argument is concerned, OPR has some good remarks about how


Goodman can not detect why the US government has reservations about online gambling as a vehicle to wash money from the unregulated economy. Here’s one thing OPR chooses from the piece Newsweek:

Online gambling was found to face “distinctive challenges” relative to gambling online live casino singapore in physical locations like casinos, as players could sideline “restrictions on online gambling that may allow individuals from playing in countries where gambling is illegal, or even minors, to play with real currency. Reading the answer is clear that these issues apply to unauthorized offshore casinos rather than to controlled locations specifically monitored by New Jersey officials.

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News week offers

As scholars and the media alike suggested that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were killed when access to violent computer games had been refused, we researched and argued why violent video games generated violence for players. In 2013, the APA announced the creation of the Task Force on Violent Media. In 2013 it announced its creation. A “meta-analysis,” or a study of current research has been undertaken by the seven-member work force in order to assess what video game violence can and can result in real-world violence.

However, the issue is that the conclusions of the APA are a junk science for many experts. The APA, the task force and its research methods were the focus of a wide number of researchers—more than 230 in 2013, including scholars from Harvard, Yale and Columbia Universities. In an open letter, the Organization found “misleading and disturbing” the APA’s regulations on violent video games and “delimited a range of strong assumptions, based on contradictory or weak facts.